Book Review: Maybe This Time

Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

I couldn’t stop listening to this book – I liked the characters: feisty Andi, cool North, fun Southie, sad/angry Alice and distant Carter. The cast also includes three ghosts, a housekeeper, a TV reporter, a cameraman, a detective, two mothers, a writer, an parapsychologist and a medium. I don’t think I left anyone out.

Jennifer created very likeable characters and an intriguing story. For the most part, Andi was very much an independent, strong, capable woman who was trying to make things right for two orphaned children who were surrounded by ghosts with varying agendas. There is romance in here as well and humor. I found myself chuckling aloud several times as I walked along and listened to the tale.

My only frustration came toward the end. There was something left unexplained (but I don’t want to give it away) and there were a couple of times where I was thinking…come on, Andi – you’ve been so smart until now…why stop?  It was like she lost her focus – not sure if this was the author’s attempt to drag things out or if the author herself lost focus. Or maybe I have just seen too many episodes of Supernatural! But even with that, I enjoyed the book and think it would make a good movie.

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