Happy 70th Birthday, Daddy!

70 years ago, my father entered this world…a part of the chain that would lead to the life of yours truly. The pictures below are of Dad at around age 7 and me around age 9 and then dad now at age 70. Daddy has always been my friend. He was someone I could talk to, get great advice from, and who loved me for me. I never felt like he was judging me or wanted me to be something I was not. If I had a problem, Daddy was the one I went to to fix it. He still is.

So many memories we have made together and/or shared. Fishing in a boat and eating peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches. Hikes in the fall when I had a day off from school. Card games. Movies he took me too while mom had ceramics class. Hugs. The club house he made me out of a rabbit’s hutch. Homemade wine. Helping me bury Candy, my first and only pet while I was growing up. Replacing the valve cover gaskets on my 1975 Monte Carlo. Sunday drives and ice cream cones from High’s. My handmade bed that I still sleep in every night. The beautiful jewelry box with a drawer full of memories that he made for me for a graduation gift. Long talks. Shooting can filled with water. Target practice on walnuts. The sled track he made for me using a mortar box to smash it down and water to make it super fast. The snow woman he made during the winter of 83. Giving just a bit too much gas to old Gert so we would spin around on a snowy road. Stories of his growing up. The decks he built for my house. Him holding his grandchildren when they were born. His love of the great outdoors. His thoughtful conversations and insights. A bowl of beans at Jesse Reynold’s. Washing the fire truck.

Dad, I don’t think I can ever find enough words to tell you how much I love you! Thank you for the gift of life and for the love that you have showed me every day since!



2015-07-19 14.06.144th grade


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