TBT: 1st Service Greeter Team

In January of 2014, I gathered with other 8:30 service greeters from Blue Ridge Community Church. Brian and Michael were heading to Africa for a missions trip. We had helped support them for this journey and they wanted a photo of us to take with them. Almost 2 years later, all but one of these greeters is still on this team. And we have added more to our crew! 2015-09-03 07.30.57-1From left to right: Charlotte, Gwen, Rob, Chris, Leigh, me, Katrina (my daughter), Corine, Michael, John, Denise and Brian.

Each Sunday morning, we meet at 7:30 and share with one another and pray for one another and for other needs God brings to our attention. Then we head out to our various posts and greet everyone coming in the doors that morning. This is what being in community is about. The support and love of our Christian brothers and sisters. Each week, we strive to make everyone who is visiting us that day realize how special they are to us and to God.

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