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Octopus News

I love to learn about the world around me and the animals in it! Check out these two fun videos that show you just how quick an octopus can be! I didn’t know they could come out on land like that or that they fancied being paparazzi or that they could show Houdini a trick or two! Warning, a little bad language at the end of the first video.

How Did This Turtle Get a Straw in His Nose?

I am a big fan of National Geographic and every week, I get an email from them hitting some of the highlights of the past week. The video below was one I watched with sadness, disgust and finally gratitude that this team was able to help this poor turtle who had the misfortune to run afoul of one of our straws. There is bad language in this video – and it will break your heart to see what this poor turtle has been suffering from.

Crested Africa Rat Makes Deadly Poison

Crested Rat.jpg
This rat is a smart little fellow. He doesn’t just rely on his quills and his black and white warning colors to keep him safe. He has learned how to chew up toxic bark, then spread the drool onto his quills. The poison can be lethal (and in fact is used by African hunters for hunting elephants and rhinos). No one is sure how the rat learned this trick or how babies are taught. Scientists are also unsure of why the poison doesn’t affect the rat when he is chewing on the bark. The more we learn…the more questions we have!
Check out National Geographic for the complete story.

Wasps Turn Ladybugs into Protective Warriors

There is a parasitic wasp that will paralyze a ladybug and then inject her with a single egg. The egg hatches and the larva chews its way out of the abdomen (and now we know where the idea of Alien came from). The larva creates a cocoon between the ladybug’s legs and continues its metamorphosis. Sometimes the ladybug survives and then the larva is able to ‘brainwash’ the ladybug into defending it from predators!
zombie ladybug.jpg
Be sure to visit National Geographic for more pictures of this process!

New Shrews found in Indonesia

One of my favorite things to ‘report’ on is the discovery of new species. Seems like the news is always full of stories about species that are disappearing, but they somehow neglect to share with us new species that have been discovered. My personal thoughts is there is an ebb and flow in wild life. I have seen that here at my own home. Some years there are squirrels running rampant for instance and other years, we don’t see any. But I digress…
So, up to four new species of shrews have been found in Indonesia. Now, these little guys aren’t the cutest in the land…unless you like critters with big ears and long noses (the better to hear and sniff you with my dear), but they are an important part of our environment!
stretched out shrew.jpg

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Woolly Mammoth Extinction May Have Led To Prehistoric Cooling!

Yep, you read that right! Scientists think that when people migrated thousands of years ago and killed off the woolly mammoth (because he was such good eating), that their actions led to global cooling…you see, the um…gas…that the woolly mammoth produced was helping to keep the planet warm. But once that um…gas…was gone, then the planet began to cool and this led to the Younger Dryas period which lasted 1,300 years and which led to drops in temperature of 7 to 14 degrees in North America and Europe.
Now if you go to wikipedia, there is no mention of the Woolly Mammoth theory. As humans, we are compelled to find reasons for why the climate changes (or why the sky is blue or why the chili dogs from Moore’s taste better).  I still believe that our planet goes through natural climate shifts and they are probably more related to solar activity than to things we do on this planet. In fact, solar activity is on the increase and a rise in temperature has been recorded on Mars even though there are no people there to muck things up.
At any rate, I am not sure if we should blame humans for killing off the Mammoth and leading to prehistoric cooling or if we should blame Mammoths for being so gassy and making the world a warmer place to begin with…ah…this if for better minds than mine to figure out!

Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth

Transparent Headed Barreleye Fish

Check out this cool looking fish! You can see what’s going on inside his head! There is just no end to the amazing creations on this planet!!!  Be sure to scroll down to the video so you can see the fish in motion. And don’t be fooled…when you look at this guy – what you think are eyes, aren’t.

Transparent-Headed Barreleye Fish

Transparent-Headed Barreleye Fish

One thing that I found really cool about this article was that this photo was taken in 2004, but just now is being released and that prior to this photo/video, the only seen species were ones that were mangled and washed up on shore. The ocean is vast…who knows what mysteries lie under the surface.