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A Musical Afternoon

Yesterday afternoon, our 4-H Homeschool Nature Group met. The crafts for the day were musical instruments. My son decided not to come. The class is really geared towards younger children at this point. Here is what we did.
First we made banjos. You take two sturdy, deep paper plates. One you paint on the back with your beautiful design. The other you cut a whole out of the center, and then you paint the back of that plate with a beautiful design. Once these masterpieces are dry, you glue a paint stirring stick to the back of the plate for the neck of the banjo, then you glue the plates together(back parts facing outward), then you make strings with rubber bands. Of course pictures are worth a thousand words, so check these out:

E and Katrina are working on the back of the banjos. They both borrowed painting ideas from one another.

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Snowman Craft and Gravity

After we took down the Christmas decorations, my daugther commented on how bare the walls looked. I had taken down a few wall hangings to put up Christmas stuff and since I hope to get a cabinet to put in that spot sometime this year, I just left the wall hangings off. So of course, we needed to fill that spot. And since it is the middle of January and we have had a total of .5 inches of snow, we figured we best just make some of our own snowment. In case you would like some fun snowmen for your house, here’s what you will need.
White posterboard
Black construction paper
glitter glue
glue stick
First you make circles of three different sizes on the poster board. Make as many as you want to make snowmen. We made 9 snowmen, so we had 9 very big circles, 9 big circles and 9 small circles.
Then using the smallest circle we drew 9 hats on black construction paper. Basically a thin rectangle with a square on top.
Here’s what the pieces look like.

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Crafty Giveaway – a Lovely Necklace

Suburose is offering a beautiful item for your wearing pleasure! And you can win it by visiting her website and leaving a comment. When I initially wrote this post, I credited Suburose with making this beautiful necklace. She was quick to point out that someone else had made it and offered it to her to giveaway. I missed this because I was scanning through posts this week due to the Fall Ya’ll Bloggy Giveaway…and I wasn’t reading carefully. So, I want you to know that the beautiful necklace you see below was made by Erin Elizabeth Jewelry
I almost hated to tell you about this giveaway, after all, the more people that know about it, the more my chances of winning go down. But I am hoping that my sharing this information will in fact be ‘good karma’ and it will increase my chances of winning! How’s that for rationalization!

Suburose definitely has a talent for this sort of thing! Good luck!

Mother’s Day Project: Monet’s Garden

A couple of months ago, I borrowed a book from the library on Art. It was an interesting book, but unfortunately I can’t remember the title of it. What I liked most about it was that it helped teach me about the styles of different artists and then it had activities to do that would in some way relate to the artist. So we decided to use one of these to make three inexpensive and lovely Mother’s Day gifts. (We paid about $6.00 total for all three gifts), but we spent a couple of hours creating our master pieces.

Here is how we made our masterpeices (and each is different)….

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