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Area Rugs – An Inexpensive and Attractive Fix

Three years ago, we remodeled my daughter’s room. I was envisioning pinks and purples (her favorite colors). I found beautiful fairy wallpaper and border that I loved and in the right colors too…but she wasn’t having any of it….Nope, she chose beige wallpaper that went with the beautiful border full of baby big cats (tigers, lions, leopards…). That’s my daughter, the girly Big Cat lover. We affectionately call her the Jungle Princess.
So, then it was off to the carpet store. We ended up with the perfect matching carpet (unfortunately not the best for a child’s room). It is beige with little speckles in it. The sales lady assured me that the little speckles would help hide dirt…but they don’t hide the stain from when Maggie (our golden retriever) came to live with us and peed on the floor and then I used the wrong kind of cleaner to clean it up with. They don’t hide the pink stain from the kid’s makeup kit that Katrina was given…so now I am thinking an area rug might be the answer. One day we will want to move. I can shampoo the carpet, but then it will get dirty again. An area rug over the main area would help protect the main carpet. Perhaps something in a nice animal print!

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Outdoor Kitchens – Choose Wisely

We added a beautiful deck to our home early last spring. It was a real blessing for us because our home isn’t very large and there are times when we seem to be tripping over one another (and legos). The deck has become a place of refuge. We have completed school work on it, read books on it, skated on it, performed plays on it, had picnics on it, had a yard sale on it, created art on it, and had pirate battles on it.
As we look ahead at other things we might want to do with our outdoor space, we have considered a hearth so we could enjoy an outdoor fire in the year around. We have also considered a really nice grill. Something that I have run across this year in my visits to stores and online websites is that outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular. Think about it, everything there under your fingertips. A cooking surface, a sink, cabinents to store dishes and spices in. No more need for scurrying back and forth between the grill and the house. And you can have different dishes and glasses for outdoors…you know, ones that aren’t breakable.

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