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Homeschool Field Trip Planning

Over the last two months during my lack of writing, something that occured is something I wanted to post about and now I have the time.
I am in an online homeschool group of close to 200 families. The way our group works is when someone wants to set up something they just do it. Then people who are interested join in. One problem with this system, is that few want to step up to the plate and make the effort to host the field trips or other classes. It never ceases to amaze me how people complain, but they never want to do the front end work, but that is another post.
So, being an organizer, I put together two field trips for this fall. The first was to an apple orchard. I asked if people wanted to go on a tour or if they just wanted to meet and pick apples. Most wanted a tour, I set it up. 7 families signed up. I was surprised it was only 7, but we went with it. The day of the tour, lovely though it was, only 4 of the 7 familes showed up.
The second field trip I organized was to a historic Cemetery, the week before Halloween. Again I asked if people wanted a tour or just wanted to visit and the answer was a tour. So I set it up. For the Old City Cemetery, it is necessary to pay 30.00 up front, but only 2.00 a person for anyone over 15 people. I had about 15 families show interest. When it came time to sign up, only 7 actually signed up.

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Old City Cemetery Field Trip

Today, families from my homeschool group went on a field trip to the Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg. My kids and I have visited this site many times and learned a lot at the variety of tours we have signed up for. Today we were very excited about the opportunity to picnic in the autumn weather, swing on the swing that hangs from the pecan tree and learn more about the cemetery.
In years past, we have learned about composting, pond life, the railroad station, the pestilence house, bats, tombstone rubbings, the Confederate Cemetery, and some of the historical markers. Today we were supposed to learn about the trees in the cemetery and some African American history.
The kids and I packed lunches, packed up for the afternoon (the children had group piano lessons after the field trip). It was overcast and cool, but we were expecting the temperatures to reach 55 and for it to be sunny without precipitation.

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The Joys of the Magnifying Glass

On Wednesday, we visited Liberty Lake Park in Bedford. We have been trying to get there once a week as a homeschool function, but we have had a hard time getting others to come. Not sure if it is the day or if everyone just has so much to do, they just don’t need or want to do a ‘park day’. Anyway…this past Wednesday, we met a new family. The oldest daughter, Melinda, had been exploring with her magnifying glass and the sun. Pretty soon, Melinda, Rebecca, Jack and Katrina were busy setting small fires.
They were not content though just to try to burn leaves and nuts, they got creative too and now I have some fun Halloween decorations!

Welcome to the Carnival Of Homeschooling…Who Let the Dogs Out?

Carnival of Homeschooling
I always enjoy hosting the Carnival of Homeschooling. It gives me an opportunity to pick a topic that is near and dear to my heart and intersperse information and pictures about it with interesting homeschool posts. A big thanks to Janine and Henry Cate at Why Homeschool for starting The Carnival of Homeschooling way back when! If you have never visited their site, be sure to check it out for great articles and information how you can submit to future Homeschool Carnivals.
Now on with the show…today, the topic is going to be something which is currently near and dear to our hearts…puppies! Well, dogs, not just puppies. We have recently adopted a sweet little Irish Setter and we will be adopting a companion for her in just a few weeks…a cute Goldendoodle. I hope you will enjoy learning about these breeds and others! So grab a cup of coffee, because there is lots of great information here!
Some posts don’t fit into your categories no matter what theme you cover, but this post touched me, so I wanted to put it top of the pack. Beverly at Beverly’s Homeschool Blog shares a sad moment and an idea that we should all consider in her post When A Homeschool Mom Dies….

Meet Ginger…

One day her body will grow up and match those wise old eyes that she already possesses and she will look something like this:

Irish Setters are energetic, intelligent, affectionate, high-spirited, and full of energy. They have no guarding instincts, get along with other animals, and are good with children. Irish Setters are responsive yet sensitive. Train this breed firmly at an early age to prevent development of bad habits, as this breed tends to pick up bad habits quickly. Sounds a lot like children doesn’t it? It can often be a challenge to keep children busy as the colder days move in, but never fear, here are some ideas for you to try!
Shannon at Song of My Heart has a wonderful project she and her children did as part of an ocean study. Check out this ocean art project. Your kids are sure to love it!
Melitsa at shares some wonderful ideas about keeping those little boys occupied with some riveting reads.
Don’t want your children to spend their days in front of a video game? Well, hold up a minute, because Silvia over at Po Moyemu–In My Opinion has a different take on gaming and how your child can benefit from it in her article Some Game Making Software and Benefits of Gaming
Just like we want to avoid teaching our children bad habits, we want to teach them good habits. And one habit that will last them a life time is the habit of reading. Whether it is reading for fun or reading to learn, reading is something we all want our children to master and enjoy. But before they can read words, they have to recognize letters and they have to understand the sounds letters make. Amy from Kids Love Learning shares a couple of different ways she has taught these concepts to her children who have very different learning styles in her post Learning Letter Sounds .
Annette at Craft Stew shares how your children can make a Birdhouse Bookmark.
SoCalVal at Homeschooling With Encouragement – Homeschool Blogger shares a recent homeschool study in his post: If You Give An Eclectic A Textbook…
Kris at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers shares an annual tradition in her post Around the World Day 2008 . This is a fantastic idea and I would like to try something like this with our homeschool group!

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Shhh…Ginger is sleeping…and I am Working on Next Week’s Homeschool Carnival

Well, Ginger’s night time sleeping continues to improve and we are getting into a bit of a routine with her. She is actually fitting into a routine much faster than either of my children did (hee hee). Right now, she is sleeping next to me on the sofa and I am trying to get caught up on email, and working on next weeks Homeschool Carnival post! Yep, that’s right, I am hosting next week and you’ll never guess what the topic for the Carnival is!!!
Hey…how did you know the topic was dogs? Have you been peeking in my computer again? Anyway, I am having fun with putting the Carnival together and have already received several awesome posts! Be sure to come back next Tuesday and check them out. Also, feel free to send me anything you would like to add to the Homeschool Carnival. You have until 6 pm Monday to get your submission in (of course, I appreciate it when you don’t wait til the last minute;). Just go to Why Homeschool and follow the directions there to send in your submission! I look forward to hearing from you.
BTW, I got back my second test last night…I scored 103! My average is now 100.5 for the class. But the test next week is going to be a doozy! Tons of information I have to learn.

Hi There…Remember Me?

Sorry, I have been away, but life is busy with homeschool, home activities, social activities, class, church, fundraisers, field trips and visitors. I think that about covers it!
Let’s see…Homeschooling is going pretty well. We have gotten through about 6 chapters of Story of the World. Jack is learning about the Human Genome and Katrina is studying about classifying living and non-living things. We are learning grammar, spelling, and of course, lovely math. Piano is going well and they are getting back in the groove of things after not having practiced as much as they should over the summer.
We are busy doing some odds and ends around the house. As you saw in photos last week. This week, the appliance repair man came. Parts are on order to fix the freezer. The cost of the dryer repairs was almost as much as a new dryer, so we got a new dryer. Our old one had a computer ‘board’ on it and I wanted to get away from that. It was 14 years old and for the extra 26 dollars we paid for the brand new dryer, I am happy. I also purchased a small outside storage shed (but I can’t tell you why just yet). We are also expecting a lot of packages coming in the mail in the near future. But again, can’t share about that just yet. All of those calls and ordering and researching take up time.

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Labor Day Edition of Homeschool Carnival

Yesterday was a busy day and I didn’t get to blog any. I have several things to report and share with you, but first and foremost, I want to encourage you to go visit the Labor Day edition of the Homeschool Carnival over at Homeschool CPA.
This post celebrates the Labors that we complete in our daily lives as Homeschoolers. I haven’t had time to read the posts yet, but I love the way she set up the carnival. Succinct and easy to find what interests you most.

Book Review: Life Prep for Homeschooled Teenagers by Barbara Frank

Last week, I reviewed Barbara Frank’s book, The Imperfect Homeschooler’s Guide to Homeschooling. This week, I have the honor of reviewing another of her books, Life Prep for Homeschooled Teenagers.
The first thing I have to say about this book is that I think it needs a new title. I think it should be called Life Prep for Teenagers as I believe it is a book that would be valuable for all teenagers, those in public school, private school or home school. I wish I had had access to this book when I was in high school and I am looking forward to reading the books from the book list that Barbara provides and working through the projects with my children when they are older. Not only that, but I am going to go through the college bound section with my 16 year old next door neighbor and babysitter. We are great friends with her mom and Ashley has become like family to us.

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