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National Geographic Vidoes – Archaeology and Unusual News

Peru archaeologists have found what may have been a pre-Inca pregnant woman sacrificed for an important religious event. It is highly unusual to sacrifice pregnant women.
Village of Twins Is a MysteryA small village in India has about a hundred pairs of twins, mostly same sex and 90 percent born in the last 20 years. No one can explain the phenomenon.

National Geographic Headlines: Archaeology and Science

I know it has been a while since I have shared any interesting National Geographic Headlines. I am trying to get back in the swing of it because I enjoy reading and sharing the interesting stories. I recently restarted up my RSS feed (after the great computer wipe in August) and there has been a lot going on this week, so without further ado….
Giant Underground Fossil Forests Show Record of Warming – this story is very interesting. Not only is it neat to think that in the past there have been 40 foot tall trees in Illinois, but it is giving scientists an opportunity to use our past to learn about our present and give us insight into our future. These finds also serve to remind us that global warming has gone on before.
Worst Case: Collider Spawns Planet-Devouring Black Hole – Now most of you have heard about the firing up of the Hadron Collider this past week that scientists are very excited about and hope to gain insight about the way our universe works from what happens with the experiement. Fortunately, no black holes have appeared yet (and wondering if anyone would actually tell us if they did….)
And as if that is cool enough for you, check out this video…scientists rapping about the Hadron Collider.

Exciting Political Moment

From the beginning of this Presidential Election year, things have been exciting. The sitting VP not running. All new candidates. The months of not knowing who would be the Democratic and Republican candidates. It wasn’t cut and dried early on like it often is. What an awesome season it has been.
Picking the Vice Presidents has been something that has kept us on edge. I was a bit disappointed with Obama’s safe pick of Biden. Biden is a good guy, but for a man who is campaigning on change, to pick an old timer, Washington insider…seems to be a safe choice.
McCain has set things on ear this morning by choosing Governor Sarah Palin, from Alaska as his running mate. She is the first Republicn woman to run for this spot. She is young. She is a mother of 5. She is a businesswoman. She has a child with Down’s Syndrome. And she has lots of interesting real life experiences under her belt.
McCain has done an awesome job! He has pushed Obama’s speech from last night out of the news today with speculation as to who the VP would be. And now the excitement over it being a woman…fascinating! And did you see the McCain ad that he released yesterday congratulating Obama on his historic moment of being the first black presidential candidate. McCain has class and awesome campaign managers.
The next 60 days are going to be exciting!

Inflammatory Breast Cancer – Be Aware

Breast cancer is something that all women worry about. We gripe about having to have Mammograms done. We set up pals to help us remember to do self-breast exams. We check our family tree. But when most of us think about breast cancer, we think the sign to look for is a lump. Most of us aren’t aware that there is another type of breast cancer that we should be on the look out for. It is called Inflammatory Breast Cancer (or IBC).
What makes IBC so dangerous is a combination of things

  1. people, including doctors and cancer research facilities, not really having it on the top of their mind when they are asked about breast issues.
  2. IBC is often misdiagnosed when first seen as a bug bite.
  3. IBC is very, very aggressive.

I had never heard of IBC until today when a friend sent me an email with a link to a video about it.
Please take a few minutes to watch the video and here are some other links you can check out as well. Being informed is half the battle when it comes to our health. Please share this information with other women you know.
National Cancer Institute IBC Fact Page
Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Mayo Clinic IBC Fact Page
Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation

Colossal Squid and Severe Winter Weather

Okay…you may be asking what these two things have in common. Well, today, two articles came to my attention that were very interesting and I thought I would share them with you.
First of all, as I was perusing the Drudge Report and ran across this title: Brrr! Farmers’ Almanac says cold winter ahead. Well, for those of you who know me, you are probably aware that I love snow and the winter and cold weather when I can wear sweaters and sweatshirts. Last winter, Bruce, who worked for a local news station at the time, said that the meterologist there was predicting that the winter of 2008-2009 would be a doozy. He said he was basing this on last summer and last winter. I thought that was interesting and filed it away…hoping that he was right. Well, The Farmer’s Almanac, which is accurate 80-85% of the time has predictions for cold, wet and snowy for much of the U.S. this year. I am keeping my fingers crossed!
Second, my friend, Jen, sent me an email about the Colossal Squid being a Colossal Wuss . She knows I love animal stories (and she knows this because she is a faithful reader of my blog). So she sent me an article that she thought I would be interested in. And indeed I was. Turns out there are theories that the bigger the Colossal Squid grows, the less agressive it is because it is too big to be fast and aggressive. Thanks, Jen, for thinking of me! I haven’t posted any animal news for awhile. I’ve been too busy with travel posts, but I hope to get back to animal news this fall.

Body Proves Bigfoot No Myth

I have long been fascinated with the legend of Bigfoot (I prefer the name Sasquatch). I remember back in the 70s seeing video of Bigfoot. It never seemed a stretch for me to beleive that in the wilder areas, such a creature could exist.
Well, now some Bigfoot hunters from Georgia have killed one and will be releasing more information about it today! This is one for the record books folks and if all pans out, will have scientists scrambling!

Spirit of Australia Makes Emergency Landing…

My husband is a private pilot and he loves to fly. I have a love/hate relationship with flying. I love getting places quickly, but being up in the air leaves me feeling so out of control (though I know it is way safer than driving).
My husband had one tricky flight that involved flying into a thunderstorm after being given inaccurate weather information. He did a heck of a job flying (as attested to by the fact that he landed safely and that one of his passengers, another pilot, said he did a great job!)
I would like to hand out kudos to the pilots who were flying the Spirit of Australia when a 3 meter hole appeared in the side and the plane dropped 20,000 feet! All of the 346 passengers and 19 crew members were able to disembark the plane normally. Way to go pilots! And Praise God for the outcome!

365 Days on Fescue Circle

I have a dear, dear, dear friend who I met when I first started homeschooling. Though we have some very different political and religious views, we enjoy one another’s company and she has taught me all I know about Ebay. She is smart, funny, and a treasure trove of knowledge. I have mentioned to her about blogging before, but she has never given it a whirl. Well, there is a list that she is on and one of the gals decided to start up a blog called 365 days in Islip. Everyday, she posts something about her area of the world. After some other of my friends list buddies pressured her, my friend, Carole decided to give it a whirl. Her blog is called 365 Days in The Moonshine Capitol of the World. At the bottom of her blog, you can link to others who are jumping on this band wagon. It looks like a lot of fun and I can assure you that you will enjoy reading Carole’s witty posts!
She invited me to join in the fun, but I just can’t imagine running another blog, this one keeps me busy enough. But I may try to do a weekly post about where I live once I return to Virginia.
Anyway, this is a great way to get a birdseye view of other parts of the world. So go check out 365 Days in The Moonshine Capitol of the World and other similar blogs. (Cause I know you don’t already have enough blogs to read!)

Vote For A Lighthouse

A friend of mine just sent me an email about a wonderful program by a company Jeld-Wen Windows and Doors. This company chooses one lighthouse a year to restore its windows and doors. The lighthouse is chosen by popular vote. And you can vote for the lighthouse of your choice by visiting this website. BTW, you can vote, even if you are not in the U.S.
I am not going to tell you which lighthouse I voted for because I don’t want to influence your opinion, but I will tell you it was a tough choice. I was drawn to some lighthouses for their architectural properties, to other lighthouses for the support they were receiving from their community, and other lighthouses for their history.
Take your time, look at the lighthouses and read their story.