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Memory Lane Monday: Childhood Pet

Heather has a new memory question for us over at MomsBlogging. She wants us to share information about our childhood pet.
I had one pet growing up. My parents weren’t paricularly fond of pets. My mom had bad memories about cats (pretty gruesome actually) and my dad disliked cats because he wanted to feed wild birds. Dogs were okay, and that was what we had. One little sausage type dog, named Candy. I got her when I was maybe 2 or 3. She was my best buddy. She was almost yellow in color and shaped a bit like a sausage dog, even though she was just a mutt.
She and I went every where together. She swam in the pond with me, hiked through the woods with me, and always met me when I got off the bus. Until I was 8, we lived between two farms. She and I were always out exploring, particularly one area that was near a creek. It was our own private spot we could go to.

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Memory Lane Monday: Halloween

Yep, it’s time for Memory Lane Monday again. This week, Heather at wants us to share our favorite Halloween memories.
Here are a couple of mine.
When I was in third grade, my mother made me a beautiful Indian costume. I had long hair and she put it in braided pigtails. She took one of my dad’s old hunting vests and fringed the bottoms of it. I honestly don’t remember the rest of the costume, but I do remember winning first place in the costume judging contest. That was very cool!
When I was about 16, my youth group went on a hayride. I judge all other hayrides by that one. We went down some back gravel country roads, it was dark and the ride lasted forever. It was a wonderful evening.
When I first met my current husband, we decided to have a Halloween party for his two sons and some friends of ours. The kids made Halloween crafts and we hung a pinata for them to break down and open up. In the end, Daniel and David had to bust open the pinata as the kids were unable to get it to break. It was a fun night and the first of many of my efforts to do fun things with my children.

Memory Lane Monday: First Apartment is hosting Memory Lane Monday. I have missed it the last couple weeks, but they are back on track and asking for your memories. Go by and share and read what others have to say! It’s great fun and it gives you something to blog about too:) Plus, what a great way to encourage you to record events from your past for your children to read in the future!
My first apartment was the one I moved into with my first husband. I actually lived in an apartment the summer before that with a friend, but it was her apartment and I was just hanging out for the summer and didn’t really have much say in things, so I don’t count it as my first!
Anyway, we picked out a wonderful apartment. It was on the second floor (no one above us) and it looked into the woods behind the apartment complex (better view than looking at other apartments. There was a pool and the laundry building was two buildings down. It had a living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a dining room. It even had a bay window in the living room and it was perfect. We got married one week after graduation. Between the time I finished exams and we got married, I made trip after trip back and forth from my home in Lynchburg to our apartment in Williamsburg. We were given enough money as wedding gifts that we bought a dining room suit and a bedroom suit. Both were very nice. I can remember setting up the apartment just so with plants and my hutch where I displayed my stoneware. The kitchen organization greatly resembled my mom’s kitchen organization…no big surprise there. The extra bedroom we set up as a library with books, a place for David’s music stand and trombone and a fish tank. It was our spot away from the world and i was so very proud of it.

Memory Lane Monday – Favorite Vacation is hosting their weekly Memory-Lane Monday post. This week, we are to share our favorite vacation. Now that one is a tough one for me. We have been lucky enough to travel to many places – France, Winnipeg, San Francisco, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, Vegas, South Carolina, Florida, New England, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico…we love to travel!
Since a vacation is technically supposed to be a time of rest and relaxation, I will have to pick our vacation to Hico, WV just this last January. We love snow, but living where we do, we often don’t see much. The last few years have been particularly disappointing. So when Daniel bought himself a really nice camera this year, he gave me a like amount of money to spend how I wanted and I chose for us to go on a snow vacation.

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