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Beware of Phishers

No, that is not a misspelling, nor is it someone who goes out and catches fish! A phisher is a person who tries to entice you to clicking on a button so they can get more information from you and eventually get money or some other thing from you.
Ever since I have started selling on eBay, I get bogus emails. Some looke like they came from eBay, some look like they came from Paypal. But all it takes is a bit of common sense on your part to know the difference.
For instance, today I got an phishing email from an eBay member. This member was telling me that they had paid me two weeks ago, that I had better respond or else they would be contacting eBay, paypal, and the police. Now, my first tip on this was that I hadn’t sold anything on eBay in the last few weeks, but let’s say I was doing a booming business on there….my next tip that this was bogus was the information I saw when I scrolled down…
Apparently, I had sold this person a small island in the South Pacific! Dang, if I had a small island in the South Pacific, I would be living on it, not selling it! It makes me shake my head sadly over these stupid things. I mean, if you really want to phish someone, why not take the time to find out what they sell so they might do a double take.

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Man Saves Year’s Worth of Trash

Now this is an interesting idea! A man in California saved every piece of trash (except for food scraps as he composts those) that he generated in the last year and has them stored in bins in his apartment. The article says that he saved every tissue, bottle, scrap of paper that he used and that he hopes an artist will use it as some kind of art.
First I would like to commend him for only using that much trash! If I kept our trash for a year, then our house would be covered in trash bags, I feel pretty sure. I wonder about a couple of things. He kept every tissue…does that mean the ones he blew his nose on? Does that include what every paper products he used in the bathroom? Or how about napkins and paper towels. Forgive me, but that all seems like it would be pretty darn disgusting!
Also, he says he kept plastic bottles, but what about recycling? We, I am ashamed to say, generate large amounts of trash. We compost our food. We recycle mixed paper. We haven’t yet returned to recycling plastic, cans or glass because 1) in the country you have to go a bit out of you way to do that and 2) I don’t have the space to store three more recycling containers.
So how about you? Could you keep a year’s worth of trash in bins in your home, would that hold it all and would there be room left for you?

Penny Stacking

It turns out that costs the government more to make a penny than a penny is worth…so why do we keep making them?
Well there is the old saying…a penny saved is a penny earned…
Or maybe it is because when we save up enough pennies, they can be turned into dollars.
But, i think the reason we keep making pennies is because there are people who have a talent with them! Check it out!

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Thrift Store Shopping Yields Treasure

I love shopping in thrift stores. I don’t get the opportunity to do it as often as I like, but it is nothing but a great big treasure hunt, and I love a treasure hunt! I find new clothing, appliances and gently used items that I pay a fraction of the cost for…what is not to love! So far, I haven’t found any treasures destined to bring me a huge income, but someone in Tennessee did recently.

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