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Hand Sanitizer Warning

I received an email today that sent me to Snopes to learn about a threat I had never even thought of. My children are older and probably wouldn’t try to see what hand sanitizer tastes like, but for a younger child who likes to explore, a lick of hand sanitizer could cause them to end up in the hospital. Take a few moments to read this article and be sure to warn friends, family, schools and churches that you are in touch with. These events happened two years ago and I had never heard of them.

Sticker Shock

Yesterday, we made the orthodontis trip. Jack does have a bit of an overbite and the orthodontist recommends 2 years of braces to help correct the problem. The bill….$4500.00! That as much as I paid for my first brand new car!
We are contemplating whether we will do this or not. It’s tough being put in these choices. If it was simply cosmetic, we would probably skip it. But since there can be issues with jaw problems, we are considering what to do.

As Jack says….”$4,500.00! But it’s just some wire!”>

My Daughter Wants a Tent

I have never ever been camping before in my life. My husband and I almost went once back in the mid 1990s. We borrowed a tent, but in the end, we ended up spending one night in a lovely bed and breakfast and one night in a Holiday Inn. A couple of years later, we made preparations for camping out. We bought a tent, sleeping bags, those egg crate things for under the sleeping bags. We put the tent up in the back yard…it was a really nice one. The kids had fun playing in it. But we didn’t realize that we should do something to it to protect it from the elements. It was nylon and one day during a storm, the tent was torn to pieces by the wind.
This year my daughter spent some money she had saved up on a tent. Foolishly we got the nylon kind again. It wasn’t up long, but there was a lot of work going on in our yard and we had to keep moving it around and then we got it set up where we wanted it and a terrific windstorm came through and broke the poles that held it up! She wants another tent, next time we will go for a canvas tent with stronger poles and we will find out what we need to do to the material to protect it.
Who knows, maybe once we get the tent thing figured out, we will actually go camping!

Homeschoolers, Educators and Students, Listen Up! Microsoft Discounts Are Available for You!

The vast majority of computer users have Microsoft products on their computer. And every couple of years, Microsoft comes out with a new and improved product, but this also means there is a new and improved price tag. Because Daniel is a computer consultant, we always have the latest Microsoft products. It is necessary for his job and a business expense for us. But there are many others who would like to update, but find the cost prohibitive.
Well, I have found a solution for you! Check out! This website has a section that is dedicated to educators. If you are a qualified educator, you are eligible for tremendous discounts on several Microsoft 2007 products.
You may be eligible if you fall in one of these categories:
– Accredited Educational Institutions
– Administrative Offices & Boards of Education
– Faculty and Staff of eligible educational institutions
– Enrolled Students of eligible educational institutions
– Public Libraries
– Public Museums
– Home-School Programs
I have found Microsoft Office 2007 to be a vast improvement over previous Microsoft Office products. The layout is more user friendly and I am able to navigate through the Office Programs with ease. There are many features that I have found useful in my day to day activities. If you are in the field of education, you know how useful programs like Excel, Word, and Publisher are. I also really like the new Microsoft Photo Editor. So, if you have been wanting to upgrade, but funds have been low, then check out Your budget will thank you!

Divorce – Adds to Global Warming

We hear a lot about global warming these days. I just read an article that adds other causes to our planet’s warming and the soaring use of natural resources. Divorce, people remaining single longer, and the move away from mult-generational households are all adding to the toll on our planet. Take a married couple….they divorce and now you have two households.
Instead of one refrigerator, you have two. Two hot water heaters. Two dishwashers. And then there are the raw materials that go into creating two separate domiciles (wood, glass, metal). If one family sits in their living room watching TV together and making use of the living room lights, that is less electricity than that same family divided into two homes and both of those homes watching different TVs and using different lights.
It definitely provides food for thought! I wonder if the political bandwagon is going to start advocating making it harder to get divorces and a return to multi-generational home. Maybe we will be required to get married by 20 or we will have to move into an apartment with others to preserve resources.
Just something to think about! Be sure to read the National Geographic article for more information.

Send Your Child A Special Letter From Santa

The magic of Santa is a delightful part of childhood. But even Santa can use a helping hand from time to time. It is hard for him to answer all the letters he receives. After all, if he sat around answering letters, he would never get any toys made or lists completed. However, as a parent, we know the joy a child feels when they open up the mailbox and there is mail for them inside.
Letters From Santa is a company that is here to help. You can order a personalized letter from Santa to be sent to your child. And yes, there is still time! I don’t know about you, but when my children write their Santa letter, I keep a copy of what they want from Santa, helps me with my shopping. You can incorporate that information, along with your child’s gender, age, up to 3 of their accomplishments of the past year, and the name of the city you will be in for Christmas into a letter that will be sent to them on gorgeous Santa stationery. The envelope also has a Santa picture on it along with a postmark from Santa’s Post Office.
And right now can you get this wonderful letter that your child will always treasure, but you can also get a follow-up post card that shows Santa on the beach and a door hanger for your child. Add a little more magic to your child’s life this year! Merry Christmas!

More Lead in Toy News

Today, MSNBC is reporting that 35% of the toys still on the shelf that have higher than acceptable amounts of lead and other dangerous chemicals. That means more than 1 in 3 toys has unacceptable amounts of lead. What are you doing regarding lead toys in your home. My children are older and I haven’t worried about it too much as their toys don’t often end up in their mouths. I do wonder about the possibility of the lead out of these toys getting into the environment. I mean, wasn’t that one of the big problems with lead paint? It chipped and the lead got into the air and ground and carpet?
One point made in the article was that the lead is not always in an ‘accessible’ form. I guess that means it is so bound in the materials that it won’t leech out? So many questions, but are there any answers?

Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2008

I was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to try Microsoft Student With Encarta Premium 2008. I didn’t Microsoft had such a product out there, but let me tell you, we have been enjoying it tremendously now that we have it! I loaded it onto my son’s computer, and now I want to load it on my own! I also have been having a hard time getting Jack and Katrina to stop fiddling with it and do something else! Jack, 10, in particular has been enjoying it tremendously.
Let me start at the beginning and tell you a bit about Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2008. This is a productivity suite of homework tools designed to help students excel. This version includes the following:

  • Encarta Preumium 2008 – The #1 best-selling encyclopedia brand with content you can trust
  • Learning Essentials – Complete with preformatted templates and tutorials designed for Microsoft Office (sold separately)
  • Microsoft Math – which provides step-by-step help with math homework.

I installed this program easily (for me that is always a plus. I only had to click a few buttons (mostly next and okay) to get the program up and running.

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Uncommonly Cute Baby Clothes – Free Shipping Today!

Are there baby clothes on your Christmas list? Or maybe, baby clothes are just on your everyday list. We all know that when you have a baby, they go through a lot of clothes because they grow like weeds. One minute, they are in the cute 3 month old clothes, the next day, they need the 6 month old clothes!
Well, if you need baby onesies and t-shirts and you are in seeing range of these words, hurry up and check out Uncommonly Cute baby clothes right now! Because today, Cyber Monday, they are offering free shipping! But only today. I wish I had found out earlier, but there are still a few hours left! Just enter ‘Monday07′ at checkout!
Even if you do miss out on their great free shipping deal, no matter. They have so many cute sayings you will be wanting to fill up your shopping cart! I like the onesie that says ‘freshly baked’ and the one that says ‘worth the wait.’ They also have cute t-shirts for boys, girls and some really cute onsies designed just for twins! The baby on your list will be sure to get extra smiles with these cute clothes!

Product Review: Jump Start World 1st Grade New for 2008! AND GIVEAWAY!!!

UPDATE: Kristen is the winner of this wonderful program! Sorry, I forgot to do the drawing yesterday! It was one of those days!
My children have been enjoying JumpStart programs for 7 years. They have learned math skills, geography skills, computer skills, reading skills and memory skills by playing Jump Start games since they were about 3 years old! And the best part is that they had fun while they did it! I always felt like Jump Start games were well created. The games were engaging as well as educational, the kids didn’t complete them in one sitting and the cost was reasonable.
I was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to check out the JumpStart World 1st Grade educational software. JumpStart has gone to a whole new level with this game! It is an interactive game and what you initially get are 2 adventure packs. This includes over 80 learning games and missions. Once your child has mastered these two adventure packs, then you can subscribe to the online site and get a new adventure pack every month. This means that as your child progresses, the challenges will increase and at a very reasonable rate! (either 7.99 a month or the remaining 10 packs at once for 64.99.) But, you may just want to play the two games included on the disk and if you do, that is also more than fine. However, I have a feeling that once we get through these two adventure packs, we are going to want to enjoy more experiences in JumpStart World.

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