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Time for True Change in America

I did not vote for President Obama. I did not think he had the experience needed to hold the highest office in the land. He is smart, but his smarts are book smarts. And book smarts are not enough. He makes a pretty speech. He looks good on camera, though like many other presidents before him, the grey in his hair has grown exponentially since he took office a year ago. He is naive. Or at least he was when he took the office of President. He thought he could bring about change just by saying it. He thought that being the first black President of the U.S. would mean change was inevitable. But instead of getting people to work together, he and the Democratic Party have been ramming their agenda down the throats of the rest of the people in the country. And last week, the country fought back with the vote in Massachussetts.
While I did not vote for Obama, I was hoping that the years with him as leader would help to bring our country closer together. I hoped he really could get in there and make a difference.The divide in this country between the conservatives and liberals has grown larger than the Grand Canyon. The urbanites, who lean to the liberal side view the rural inhabitants as stupid, bigoted, and backward. The rurals, who tend to lean towards the conservative end of the spectrum are outraged at the liberals who they see as lazy people who don’t know the meaning of hard work and who are trying to undermine the basic principles of our country.
Guess what…it’s not black and white and both sides are wrong. We all need one another. Much like the North and South back in the 1800s, we are two sides that make part of a whole. Each side has strengths and weaknesses and if we would stop letting lobbyists and politicians divide us, we could come together and become the better nation for it. Instead we are fighting amongst ourselves like children and we are letting the media drive a wedge between us.
It has become a game of tit for tat. The Republicans mistreated the Democrats when they were in control. When the Democrats came to office, they did the same and said, ‘well they did it first.’ Come on…are you children or grown men and women?
Someone is going to have to be brave, step up, roll up their sleeves and say ‘let’s work together’.
And then someone else is going to have to make a stand and say…”Yep! We are here at the request of the public. They voted for us. They pay our salary. We need to find out what it is they want, then we need to figure out how to please the most people. We need to stop making this a peacock show where we all strut around trying to outshine the other. We need to get down to the business of building a government that the people want.”
My kids and I have been studying some about the American Revolution lately. I hope that our country doesn’t have to resort to another revolution to bring us all together, but things need to change. America stands on the beliefs of the rights of the people. America led the way by creating a government that was formed by the people and was supposed to work for the people. And America led the way by creating a Bill of Rights that said what the government could not to do the people. Yet, instead of continuing to be a beacon of light and leading the way in this world, we have become a country of bickering children who can only see things one way – theirs. I know those who will vote along party lines regardless of the candidates. The politicians and media have done their job well. And we have become lazy. Why try to figure out what the politician stands for? Why try to determine who will make the better leader? Why use our brains at all? Just ask the question…who is from which party, then pick the party that you have become brainwashed to follow.
WAKE UP! We need fresh blood. We need a new strong 3rd party. We need to stop business as usual in Washington! We need people who believe in America. We need people who will listen to their constituents. We need people who spend their time in office concentrating on making our country a better place instead of spending their time if office thinking about how they can position themselves to win the next election. Our country desparately needs term limits! 6 years for the President with no chance at re-election. Then he can spend all of his time working on his job, not worrying about getting re-elected. The same thing for senators and representatives. Think of the money our country would save because these servants, and that is what they are supposed to be, would be spending their time in office actually working, not seeking photo ops and impressive interviews.
I started writing this post with the thought in mind that I am sorry that President Obama’s desire for change has hit a brick wall. He, along with others in the past, came into Washington hoping to change things, yet here we are…business as usual. So my post evolved into my rambling thoughts of the changes we need to make if our country is to go forward. Or we can continue to sit and spin our wheels, changing leaders every few years, and having more and more hard feelings rise up among Americans… And while we are bickering among ourselves, other countries will grow and surpass us. And some countries, or the terrorists hiding in them, will take advantage of our division and our business as usual attitude and weaken us even more.

“I Pledge”

If you haven’t seen the “I Pledge” Video, take a few moments and watch it now. Go ahead, I’ll wait….

I found out about this video when my husband forwarded me an article that expressed concern over the references to ‘serving’ President Obama and over “Obama worship”.
I watched this video and I didn’t see it the same way as the author of the article. While I am bothered very much by the fact that these people seem to be pledging their allegiance to a person instead of to their country (remember how that worked out for Germany?), I tend to look at the positive side of things.
I wish that more people had pledged to stand behind President Bush instead of attacking him from Day One, but if people are ready to stand up now and take responsibility and reach out to their fellow human being, I say we should not beat a dead horse, but we should look at this as a great leap forward for a better tomorrow.
Many in this nation have become so wrapped up in their own self-importance, that they forget to look out for their neighbors, their friends, people on the street and even for family. Yet, we see when tragedy strikes (be it a tornado, a flood, or a terrorist attack), these same people pull out all the stops to help those affected. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we didn’t wait for the disaster to strike, but if instead, we each made it a priority each and every day to do something positive in the life of another human being? Can you even begin to imagine the possiblities!

Welcome President Obama. Thank you, President Bush.

Today at high noon, President Obama steps into history and becomes the 44th President of the United States of America. Not only is this moment historical because of the fact that 1/2 century ago, African Americans were not allowed in ‘white’ establishments, but it is a moment of hope for our country. A reminder of all that is good in America – the democratic process does work, the people’s voice is still heard. It is a testament to the world, that power can change hands, not just from person to person, but from party to party without a shot fired.
I did not vote for Barack Obama. My choice wasn’t influenced by his skin color, but by my concern over his lack of experience, the people he surrounded himself with, the message he was taught in church, and my concern over his naivete on how to handle other world leaders. But as the new President of our country, I will do all I can to support him (as long as it doesn’t conflict with my moral values and that would be true of any President).

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Gary Sinise – An American Patriot

My mom introduced me to some of the best actors when I was growing up – John Wayne, Bob Hope, Jimmy Stewart, Maureen O’Hara, and more. These actors weren’t just better at their profession than many actors and actresses are today, but they were real people who didn’t jump up on a pedastal because of their profession. Instead, they took their positions seriously and gave back to this wonderful country we live in. I always heard about performers like Bob Hope going overseas and performing for the troops and how much that meant to the troops overseas.
Nowadays, so many actors and actresses that ‘show’ an interest in the troops seem more interested in photo ops and good press for themselves than actually giving support to the troops. You can tell this by the fact that you see them regularly on the evening news. But the true patriot is the one who works tirelessly for his country without bringing attention to himself. Gary Sinise is just such a patriot. I was unaware until I read an article today of just all he does and has done to support our troops and the people of Iraq.

I hope you enjoy reading this heartwarming story of a man who loves his country!

Beware! Political Polls Don’t Show the Whole Truth

I graduated from the College of William and Mary in 1988. I learned many useful things while in college. But as a Sociology major, one of the most important and lastingly helpful things I learned was to take every poll with a grain of salt.
As this very difficult election season heads towards its culmination, we are bombarded with poll statistics on every side. They mostly say Obama is in the lead, but the lead ranges from tenths of a point to 15 points. The percent of undecided seems to be between 6% and 10%. The thing that worries me about this bombardment of polls is that people are already believing Obama is the winner. They see he is ahead, and that is what they focus on. Then, should the undecided swing the way of McCain, or the votes don’t go the way the polls are stating, there will be a cry of foul play! The vote has been fixed! Likewise if Obama were to win by a landslide, the same cries will be raised because of doubts already in place due to voter registration irregularities. Polls are really a detriment to the political process.
For those voters who want to say they voted for the winner, they will simply vote for whoever is in the lead. For those voters who don’t want to have to check into the issues, who want someone else to do the hard work for them, they will also vote for whoever is in the lead based on the polls because they believe that person must be the best choice if most of the people are voting for them. I know we don’t like to believe that people are so ‘weak minded’, but there are those that are and polls don’t encourage them to gain information on their own.

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Today I Voted….

Yep, this afternoon I went and voted with my children in tow. I had a hard time picking who to vote for. I was wishing I could create a new candidate called McBamaBee – the best of three candidates that I find interesting for one reason or another. But since I couldn’t I had to choose one. It was exciting to go to the polling booth and feel like there was still a reason to go (you know, the whole thing hadn’t been decided yet.)
Katrina, Jack and I all proudly accepted our ‘I voted’ stickers.

Thank A Soldier

Xerox has a wonderful program where you can send a beautiful thank you note to a soldier. There is no way of knowing which soldier which will receive it, but it is sure to be a blessing to whoever does get your message. This is a free service! Take a few moments and send a card. Send several cards! Your words of encouragement are needed and appreciated!