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Inflammatory Breast Cancer – Be Aware

Breast cancer is something that all women worry about. We gripe about having to have Mammograms done. We set up pals to help us remember to do self-breast exams. We check our family tree. But when most of us think about breast cancer, we think the sign to look for is a lump. Most of us aren’t aware that there is another type of breast cancer that we should be on the look out for. It is called Inflammatory Breast Cancer (or IBC).
What makes IBC so dangerous is a combination of things

  1. people, including doctors and cancer research facilities, not really having it on the top of their mind when they are asked about breast issues.
  2. IBC is often misdiagnosed when first seen as a bug bite.
  3. IBC is very, very aggressive.

I had never heard of IBC until today when a friend sent me an email with a link to a video about it.
Please take a few minutes to watch the video and here are some other links you can check out as well. Being informed is half the battle when it comes to our health. Please share this information with other women you know.
National Cancer Institute IBC Fact Page
Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Mayo Clinic IBC Fact Page
Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation

Save Money By Improving Your Credit Score

One of the Christmas movies I enjoy watching is An American Christmas Carol. The Scrooge person is played by Henry Winkler (remember The Fonz?). He doesn’t seem like a likely Scrooge does he? In this American Christmas Carol, we find ourselves in America in the late 1800s and Scrooge discovers credit. He takes this newly developing business that banks and companies have come up with where you let people buy items on credit and charge them interest. And if they don’t make their payments, the lender gets to take the item! He makes the comment that “It is not unheard of to get 150% of the original price or more”.
Now, I am not sure who first invented the idea of credit, particularly where interest and repossession are involved. There is mention of loans in the bible, but there is also the fact that every seven years, debts were to be forgiven (and my guess is that is where the 7 years comes from regarding how long a bankruptcy can be listed on your credit report). Fortunately, we are past the point where we get thrown into debtor’s prison. Can you imagine…you are in debt so they throw you in prison (where you can’t make a living) and there you stay until your debt is paid. How many of us would be in jail now if this was still the practice?
We have become a nation of people that live on credit. We use credit in emergencies and we use credit to finance our latest want list. There are people who never run into credit problems. They always pay on time, they never spend more than they can repay, and they don’t run into situations where their credit starts ruling their lives. In my early credit life, I only used a credit card to build up my credit. I paid the balance each month and was on top of things.

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Make Your Car Stand Out in a Crowd

When I was a kid, cars still were very distinctive in appearance. Most of them. Nowadays, most of the vehicles on the road resemble one another. Why else would we get lost wandering about parking lots looking for our car? When I drove a 1976 Monte Carlo, it was easy to spot. When I drove a 1984 Monte Carlo SS…I never had problems finding my car. My mom’s 1966 Olds Cutlass Supreme was easy to find.
Nowadays, more and more cars resemble each other. They are kind of boxy and unappealing, but never fear, there are ways to help your vehicle stand out in a crowd. Chack out Asanti grills and Asanti Body Styling Kits and Wheels and Rims. Your car will be styling and standing out from the crowd!

Save on Your Prescription Medications!

My good friend, Carole, who taught me most of what I know about Ebay, has given me encouragement during my homsechooling years , and in general just een a wonderful friend, recently received some Drug Prescription cards with her credit cards bill. There was a brochure telling her the following:
“If you or someone you know does not have prescription coverage, the Simple Savings card can help! The Simple Savings card saves cardholders an average of 20% off their prescriptions at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide including Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Eckerds, Kroger, Rite-Aid, Winn Dixie, Publix, Kmart – plus thousands more. A single card can be used by an entire family and covers all drugs requiring a doctor’s prescription. The free Simple Savings card can be used as long as it is needed – it is not a temporary card.
Try your free card today. There is no cost. There is no catch. Simply take your Simple Savings card to your local pharmacist and start to enjoy your savings!
The Simple Savings card is offered as a service of Luscinia Health. For more information you can visit their website.
Because of our size and relationships within the pharmaceutical industry, we are able to negotiate lower prices on your behalf. We get paid by the pharmaceutical companies when you use your card – all while you save money. When you save money, we make money, We both win!”

Carole knew that we don’t have insurance and Daniel and I both have a couple of prescriptions that we fill regularly, so she sent these cards on to me. I haven’t used them yet, but I will be giving them a try the next time I have a prescription to fill. I wanted to let you know about it in case you wanted to check it out!

Insure Your Family’s Health with Affordable Health Insurance

More and more Americans are having to drop health insurance coverage because the cost of it is just too high. And with the price of everything else from gas to groceries to clothing going up, up, up…the money has to come from somewhere and since salaries aren’t increasing as quickly as the prices of everything else are going up. So people have to make choices and health insurance is often one of the things to go. Because it usually frees up 100s of dollars a month and that money can help with other rising costs. In the short term, this seems to be a good choice, but in the long run, with the cost of doctor visits, medicines and treatments rising exponentially, health insurance is a necessity. Don’t get caught without health insurance, there are affordable choices out there, you just have to do some research.

Disposable Medical Express – Delivers Medical Supplies Right to Your Door

With age comes indignities. Our bodies stop functioning as well as they used to. We don’t heal as quickly as we used to. We get more aches and pains. We walk more slowly. We can’t carry as much. And we are more prone to those…um embarrassing accidents. Women, in particular, have problems with incontinence as muscles loose their strength and mobility. Disease and paralysis can also affect this issue. If you or someone you know suffers from incontinence, don’t be embarrassed. You can discreetly order incontinence supplies online. And you can do some google searches for exercises you can do to help combat this problem. Don’t let age hold you back from what you want to do.

Hands On Tools – The Site for All of Your Tool Needs!

My dad is a carpenter. He also does a fair amount of work on his vehicles. He has a huge variety of tools to keep up with. And without proper tool storage he would never be able to find anything. How do I know? Well, because proper tool storage is sadly lacking in our own home. My husband is a computer guy. He does know which end of the hammer to use and he done a few mechanical jobs like bleeding the brakes on his Jeep Scrambler, but all in all, he and tools don’t often come into contact with each other.
He has about three sets of wrenches because he buys one for something he needs, he uses it, then he puts it away and can’t remember where it was he put it away, so then he has to buy a new set…of course, then he immediately finds the first set. Whether you have a tool challenged husband like I do or a tool afficianado like my dad, the Hands on Tool website is a great place to fill all of your tool needs! Plus, if you sign up as a member, you can get free shipping and all kinds of exclusive offers and rewards.

Wii Like Golf? How About You?

Golf is a sport of skill and patience. The only golf I have ever played has been miniature golf and Wii Golf. I have to say though that when I play either of those and I make a sweet shot I feel the same as Tiger Woods…elated (and quite often amazed). With the Wii, when I play, I have added advantages. I get an aerial view of my target. I am given a reading of the current wind temperature and direction. I know the frustration of misjudging the whole situation and having my ball roll into the rough or a sand trap! I can see where learning to play golf would be challenging and a lot of fun!
Maybe you are a miniature golfer or a Wii golfer like me. But maybe, just maybe, you know someone who plays the ‘real’ game. And maybe that person (or you) is always looking for a great place to find great deals on name brand golf equipment like Nike golf or Odyssey Golf or Callaway Golf. Whichever brand you prefer, The World of has what you are looking for! Fore! Or is it Four? Whichever…why don’t you putt on over to The World of Golf and see what equipment they offer to help improve your golf game.

Send Your Child A Special Letter From Santa

The magic of Santa is a delightful part of childhood. But even Santa can use a helping hand from time to time. It is hard for him to answer all the letters he receives. After all, if he sat around answering letters, he would never get any toys made or lists completed. However, as a parent, we know the joy a child feels when they open up the mailbox and there is mail for them inside.
Letters From Santa is a company that is here to help. You can order a personalized letter from Santa to be sent to your child. And yes, there is still time! I don’t know about you, but when my children write their Santa letter, I keep a copy of what they want from Santa, helps me with my shopping. You can incorporate that information, along with your child’s gender, age, up to 3 of their accomplishments of the past year, and the name of the city you will be in for Christmas into a letter that will be sent to them on gorgeous Santa stationery. The envelope also has a Santa picture on it along with a postmark from Santa’s Post Office.
And right now can you get this wonderful letter that your child will always treasure, but you can also get a follow-up post card that shows Santa on the beach and a door hanger for your child. Add a little more magic to your child’s life this year! Merry Christmas!

Visions of Sugar Plums and Carnations are Dancing Through My Head!

I love flowers. One of my favorite flowers is the carnation because it comes in so many lovely colors, smells beautiful and has a long life. I am not hugely crazy on roses. They are beautiful and their scent is heavenly, but I obviously don’t know how to care for the cut roses very well because they rarely last more than a few days for me.
Several years ago, my husband gave me a wonderful gift, actually two wonderful gifts. He purchased me a year of flowers and a year of plants. Every other week, the FedEx man would arrive with the flower or plant of the month. They were all beautiful and brightened up our home. And it was neat because I knew there would be a flower delivery every couple of weeks! And it was a great plan for my husband because his memory isn’t very long and he would forget to get flowers for me, but he knew how much I loved them. So he ordered once and then it was taken care of for a year!
I know flowers aren’t necessarily a practical gift…after all, they aren’t something you can use again and again. But women all over the world love receiving flowers. My husband’s grandmother who passed away a couple of years ago told us she wanted flowers when she was living, not on her grave. So we always got her flowers. One of her grandaughters bought her 90 roses on her 90th birthday! She was thrilled!

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