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Tuesday’s Tips: Purchase a Diagnostic Check Engine Auto Scanner

I drive a 2003 Nissan Xterra that has almost 200,000 miles on it. With age and use, more little odds and ends need some TLC. I recently had my car inspected – spark plugs were replaced and my check engine light went out. It had been on for several months. I was doing the happy dance…for about 16 hours.The next morning, it flashed back on.

When I saw my dad the next weekend, I mentioned it to him. He went to his shop – where everything necessary to fix anything with resides. He came back with a check engine scanner. Within minutes, we knew what was wrong with my truck and we were able to fix it very simply (some new hoses). I decided I needed one of these in my arsenal and bought the one that I have linked to below. No more dreading that little light popping up. I can simply plug this in and it will give me codes to help me determine what is wrong with my truck. Then I can use YouTube to figure out how to fix it and save myself a bucket of money! I highly recommend adding this to your tool box if you have a vehicle from 1996 or later.

Tuesday’s Tip: Goo Gone

This week’s tip is to add Goo Gone to your grocery shopping list! One bottle will last you a very long time and it will save you time and aggravation! I was first introduced to Goo Gone by my friend, Carole, back when I was selling books and nostalgic items on eBay. Sometimes those items with come with a sticky residue that needed to be removed, but in a way that wouldn’t damage the item. Goo Gone is my go to item! I have used it to remove sticky residue left behind from price stickers, stuck on gum, car decals, and more. And it has a nice lemony scent! Other things that Goo Gone will take care of removing: silicone caulk, adhesive, sealants, tree sap, wet paint, glue, asphalt, ink, marker, soot, tar and wax. No home should be without!

Tuesday’s Tips: Favorite Uses for Coffee Filters

I love my Keurig, but coffee filters are an item I still keep in my cabinet.  They have a ton of uses and are super cheap! Here are some of my favorites!

1. Clean your eyeglasses –  no need for expensive cleaners or cloths, just grab a coffee filter and a few drops of water – your glasses will be lint free and clean in no time! You can also safely use coffee filters to clean your computer screen, cell phone, or other small electronic devices as well as windows and chrome! NO LINT!

2. Cover your bowl in the microwave – no more splatters – the top of your bowl is covered and it is way cheaper than a paper towel and less tricky to pick up than putting a plate on top of your bowl.

3. Make your own air freshener – put some baking soda inside of a coffee filter, tie it off and put it where needed (near cat litter box, in with your shoes, the sky’s the limit!)

4. Spread oils/shortening/butter – coffee filters are great for spreading these around and the filter’s fibers won’t break off like a napkin’s would.

5. Pet pooper scoopers – pick it up and toss it in the trash – no need for plastic baggies that are bad for the environment!

6. Protect your china – lay a filter between each plate to protect from nicks and scratches.

7. Make tea – use loose tea in your automatic coffee pot to make tea, use coffee filters to make tea bags, or to make herbal tea (put herbs inside of coffee filter and tie them off to make your own herbal tea).

8. Nail polish remover – coffee filters work as well as cotton balls.

9. Hold small items – whether you are putting together furniture, working on your car or working on a craft  with small parts – put those in a coffee filter to keep them from getting lost.

10.  Keep Cast Iron pans from rusting – Place inside of cast iron skillet to absorb moisture.

For more amazing ways to use coffee filters, check out these links!  Wake Up World, Spend With Pennies, One Good Thing by Jillee, and Indestructables.