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9-11: A Tribute and Images, Never Forget

We all remember where and what we were doing on September 11, 2001. I was at home with Jack and Katrina and Daniel was starting a new job in Canada. I was trying to get some cleaning done before taking Katrina for her 18 month shots. The phone rang – it was Daniel. I was a bit impatient as I was on a bit of a time schedule. He asked if I had heard about a plane hitting a building in NYC. He said the internet in Canada was jammed and everyone was talking about it, but he didn’t have any details. My first thought was ‘sad, but I’ve got stuff to do.’

I turned on the news and the world stopped. I watched in horror as I saw smoke pouring out of WTC1, then I saw a second plane hit WTC2. I was numb as I watched the devastation, saw the people running, the smoke, the bodies. I saw footage about the Pentagon, about a field in Pennsylvania. I was terrified and my husband was in another country.

I still had to take Katrina to the doctor. The radio was filled with stories of bombs and shootings in D.C.  These later turned out to be mostly untrue. We were under attack. And there was no idea of how big this attack was going to be. I sat in the doctor’s office with other quiet families. Children played with toys while we listened to radio reports. We were all stunned. Then I found out all air travel had been stopped. How would Daniel get home?

For the next couple of days, I couldn’t stop watching the television. The kids played in their playroom as I tried to take in what had happened and what this meant for our country. 14 years later – so many changes in our lives – barriers where they didn’t exist before, stricter regulations with air travel, our nation always on alert, wars, fear. So much has changed. I wonder if the terrorists had any idea how far reaching their act of hatred would be?

In 2006, I took part in a project called 2,996. It was to remember each of those who died on 9-11. I wrote about Lt. John A. Crisci.

Images flooded as the world came to our side. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Here you will find images that we saw time and again – painful, heart breaking, but they should never be forgotten. You will find some of the editorial cartoons and other images that touched me most below.

Liberty WeepsUncle_Sam_and_Fallen_HeroFirefighters in heavenflag-with-PD-Fire-and-PA-Pa911_tribute1-1024x7689-11-tragedyrememberBefore_and_AfterWe-will-never-forgetrainbows 91015We-will-never-forget


Book Review: Maybe This Time

Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

I couldn’t stop listening to this book – I liked the characters: feisty Andi, cool North, fun Southie, sad/angry Alice and distant Carter. The cast also includes three ghosts, a housekeeper, a TV reporter, a cameraman, a detective, two mothers, a writer, an parapsychologist and a medium. I don’t think I left anyone out.

Jennifer created very likeable characters and an intriguing story. For the most part, Andi was very much an independent, strong, capable woman who was trying to make things right for two orphaned children who were surrounded by ghosts with varying agendas. There is romance in here as well and humor. I found myself chuckling aloud several times as I walked along and listened to the tale.

My only frustration came toward the end. There was something left unexplained (but I don’t want to give it away) and there were a couple of times where I was thinking…come on, Andi – you’ve been so smart until now…why stop?  It was like she lost her focus – not sure if this was the author’s attempt to drag things out or if the author herself lost focus. Or maybe I have just seen too many episodes of Supernatural! But even with that, I enjoyed the book and think it would make a good movie.