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Airbrushing Images – A Fine Art

From time to time, I will run across an article or see something on television in regards to people’s photos being airbrushed to enhance their appearance. One I remember fairly recently was Katie Couric in a magazine (can’t remember which one) and they had airbrushed the photos bo make her look a bit thinner. A few years ago, I saw a segment on Opera about a mom that had appeared in Playboy. Now let me just say, that the woman that I saw on stage did not resemble the woman in the photos.
So do you wonder how it is possible to do this? Check out this airbrushed lady that I found in my web meanderings. It will show you step by step how a beautiful woman is created out of thin air and it looks like a photograph. It is absolutely amazing!

Penny Stacking

It turns out that costs the government more to make a penny than a penny is worth…so why do we keep making them?
Well there is the old saying…a penny saved is a penny earned…
Or maybe it is because when we save up enough pennies, they can be turned into dollars.
But, i think the reason we keep making pennies is because there are people who have a talent with them! Check it out!

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