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Meet Cuddles, Cat #3, and A Sugar Update

Well, as promised, here I am introducing the third of our kitty sisters, Cuddles. Cuddles is a sweet cat and the only one that regularly puts up with Midnight (my black cat and he is either her son or nephew, but that is another story). Cuddles is the most unusual colored cat we have ever seen. In fact, we have never run across another cat colored just like her. Jack was 4 when Cuddles came to live with us. We told him he could choose her name and he picked ‘Cuddles’. He said it was so cuddly!
Regardless of her name, Cuddles prefers to be on her own. She will let us pet her some, but then she wants to be on her way. In fact, it took us three tries to get her photograph for this post! She prefers being outdoors to inside.
Here she is…cuddling with her favorite person in the house.

Well, the no sugar plan fell through Friday evening and didn’t get better for the rest of the weekend. But I am back on track today. I had to take a break from exercising too. The exercise bike had my knee twinging and twitching by Friday afternoon. I am giving it a few days off, then I will try again but wear my brace and see if that will work.
I think what threw me off the rails was weighing on Friday morning. After a week of no sugar, I thought I would have lost some weight, but I hadn’t and that disappointed me. My patterns are so dang predictable!

Cats, Cake and Cabin

The other day, we introduced you to our piano playing cat, Mika. Mika is one of three sisters which we adopted into our home in the spring of 2001. She is actually the cat of my oldest stepson, but when he moved, we didn’t feel it was right to separate the cats from one another, so she stayed with us. She is grey and sweet and her name is Africa for racoon (think Pocahontas – which is not why Bruce picked that name, he just wanted something different).
Since we love all of our cats, we thought it would only be fair to give each of them equal ‘air time’. So today, I will introduce you to Katrina’s cat, B’lana. Now B’lana is the alpha cat in our little gang. She rules the roost. She is also the largest of all four cats (largest around). We don’t know why as we feed them all the same feed, but she is a heavy cat. B’lana is named after B’lana Torres from Star Trek Voyager. B’lana is a Klingon and very sure of herself. When we first got these kittens, our B’lana let us know right away that she was on top of things. She was the boldest of the three and the most adventurist.
B’lana is more like a dog than a cat. Her favorite place is curled up on the sofa next to me. Even though she is not my cat, she often seeks me out. I think it’s because I am the best ‘petter’ in the house. She loves to have her neck scratched. And she prefers being indoors to outdoors, but we make her go out in the hopes she will get some exercise. A couple of quirky things about B’lana is her bent tail. It is bent at the end and has been that way since she was born. Also, she drinks water, not by lapping, but by dipping her paws into the water bowl and then licking the water off of her paws. So without further ado, here is B’lana and Katrina…

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Sugar Slip, Piano Kitty, Found Treasures

Okay after four and 2/3 day of no refined sugar, I ate a piece of fudge this evening. And the stupid thing is I didn’t even really want it. It was there. I got it out to throw it away and I just couldn’t do it. I have a strong don’t waste food problem. But tomorrow it is back to no sugar and I am going to throw the rest of the fudge away. I have to. I have resisted cakes, brownies, Golden Corral buffet, and my normal grocery shopping day treat. But I was overcome by peanut butter fudge…so out it must go. However, going almost five days with no refined sugar is good and I have met my goal of exercising five days this week and I have been drinking tons of water.
Jack and Katrina are supposed to practice piano 6 days a week. Somedays it is hard to fit in the practice with everything else that goes on. One of the things that intrigues us regarding practice is that Mika, our gray cat, really is intrigued by the piano as you can see below. Sometimes, she sits on the bench next to Jack or Katrina and merely listens attentively, somtimes she tries to play along.

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This Place Is Going to the Cats

Had a busy morning. Not going to bore you with the details, but it included laundry, making quiche and baking cookies as we prepared to visit friends this afternoon. We visited Jack’s best friend’s family for the afternoon and had a very nice time. The kids hadn’t seen each other in awhile and really enjoyed their time together. Karen and I got all caught up with what we had been doing in the last few months.
I stopped to get gas on the way home…boy, was it chilly! The current temperature is 24 with a windchill of 12!!!!! Before coming down to the house, I stopped across the street at the office and emailed Daniel some files he needed in Illinois. Then, I came home to get something warm to eat and sit down at my computer…but others had gotten to my spot first!!!

The cats aren’t inside very often as I am allergic to them. Not as bad as I used to be, so I guess I am outgrowing my allergy. This means I can let them in on very rainy or snowy or cold days. And they are making themselves right at home.

Midnight and Cuddles are two of our four cats. Betcha can’t tell which is which! Cuddles is the most unusual colored cat we have ever seen. In fact, we haven’t never seen another colored like her. And see how she matches the sofa!
After I snapped those pictures, they decided it was time to move to another spot, so I got to sit in my seat and blog away…ahhhh….