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Memory Lane Monday: Childhood Pet

Heather has a new memory question for us over at MomsBlogging. She wants us to share information about our childhood pet.
I had one pet growing up. My parents weren’t paricularly fond of pets. My mom had bad memories about cats (pretty gruesome actually) and my dad disliked cats because he wanted to feed wild birds. Dogs were okay, and that was what we had. One little sausage type dog, named Candy. I got her when I was maybe 2 or 3. She was my best buddy. She was almost yellow in color and shaped a bit like a sausage dog, even though she was just a mutt.
She and I went every where together. She swam in the pond with me, hiked through the woods with me, and always met me when I got off the bus. Until I was 8, we lived between two farms. She and I were always out exploring, particularly one area that was near a creek. It was our own private spot we could go to.

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