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A Musical Afternoon

Yesterday afternoon, our 4-H Homeschool Nature Group met. The crafts for the day were musical instruments. My son decided not to come. The class is really geared towards younger children at this point. Here is what we did.
First we made banjos. You take two sturdy, deep paper plates. One you paint on the back with your beautiful design. The other you cut a whole out of the center, and then you paint the back of that plate with a beautiful design. Once these masterpieces are dry, you glue a paint stirring stick to the back of the plate for the neck of the banjo, then you glue the plates together(back parts facing outward), then you make strings with rubber bands. Of course pictures are worth a thousand words, so check these out:

E and Katrina are working on the back of the banjos. They both borrowed painting ideas from one another.

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Yesterday’s Nature Group Meeting

We had another fun group meeting yesterday with some fun projects.
We made an air pressure gauge, a rain gauge and a bird feeder.
The rain gauge was straight forward, a plastic tube, which we marked at 1 inch intervals, then we taped on a popsicle stick to help hold it upright in the ground.
The air pressure gauge was a wide mouth jar with a balloon wrapped tightly over the top (tight enough to bounce a penny on), then wrap a rubber band around it to help hold it in place. To get the balloon to wrap over the top, cut off the neck of the balloon. We did some other stuff with a straw and then you put a board behind it to mark when pressure was up and down (the straw moves up and down), but it was a bit complicated and we were told to use crazy glue and it stuck mostly to our fingers. I think, just putting the balloon over the top is enough. It was neat to see it go up when we were inside a nice warm room and be sucked into the jar when it was cold out.
My most favorite was the bird feeders. Take a toilet paper holder. Use a hole punch to punch two holes on one end that you can run a string through to hang the hanger from. Then take a knife and pierce both sides of the tube on the other end. Later on you can push a popsicle holder through and it will act like a perch. Pour honey onto a plate (or you can use peanut butter), roll the tube into the honey, getting it nice and sticky. Then roll the tube into bird seed…let it get cold so the honey crystallizes. Insert string and popsicle stick, hang up and watch the birds come in flocks!

Knitting Is Just Like Riding a Bike

You know the old saying that you never forget how to ride a bike? It is true. A couple of years ago, I received a bike through freecycle and though I was a bit wobbly for the first couple of minutes, I was soon soaring down hills as the wind swept my hair back behind me…love that feeling! Of course then there is the going back up the hills, but no need to discuss that now…
Anyway, last week when we were getting Wolfman Jack’s haircut, my daughter saw some scarves on the shelf. There are local craftspeople who bring things to our local hair dresser and sell them. Katrina wanted to get one, but they were more money than she had with her, plus they were dressy scarves and she really wants a warm scarf. So Mandy and I suggested we get some yarn and I make her a scarf. So that’s what we did yesterday. Now, I had in mind that I would crochet the scarf. Once I learned crocheting as a teenager, I left knitting behind. I just liked it better. So I have knitted in over 20 years. But when we were looking at yarn samples yesterday, I liked the way the knitting looked.
I thought about buying some knitting needles, but didn’t want to spend the 5.00 and I thought I might have some buried at home or maybe my mom would. So I came home. Sure enough, I have knitting needles. They are ones the kids made during a homeschool project a couple of years ago. Now the real test…could I remember how to knit. I picked up the needles…and my fingers remembered what to do. In no time I was knitting away. So, knitting is like riding a bike. Once you know how to do it, you just don’t forget!
Whew…one of the great mysteries in life solved! ( I must admit, I didn’t try the purling thing…I didn’t like doing that when I could knit, so I probably don’t remember it).

Christmas Traditions Part 4 – Crafts

I have been busy writing posts about our Christmas Traditions. There was just too much information to put into one post.
First, I shared a treasured Christmas memory – as part of the Holiday Bundle Giveaway post.
Then I shared all of our favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes for your enjoyment.
Then I gave you the titles of our favorite Christmas movies in case you were looking for some new movies to watch this holiday season.
Then I shared a list of some of our favorite Christmas books.
Today I will be sharing information about some of crafty endeavors.

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