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A Twisted Silver Contest

Amanda who said “I love the Candy Wrapper Necklace and the Go Go Convertible necklace/belt.
Thanks!!” won this contest! Jack pulled her name out of the hat! Congrats, Amanda! I am sorry I didn’t have a ring for everyone who signed up!

Elizabeth and Tina at Twisted Silver know that my readers love jewelry and love a great contest! So they were kind enough to send one if their newest pieces to me so I could share it with you!
Introducing…the Tattoo Ring!

This delicate butterfly tattoo pattern is artfully crafted, ultra light, with the hard edge look of brass that seems to just mold to your finger. ONE SIZE FITS ALL (wear it on your thumb or any finger!)

Isn’t it lovely? Would it look fantastic on your hand? Well, keep reading because this lovely piece can be yours!
Just an aside…you know to keep you waiting on the contest details…I personally am crazy about the earrings at Twisted Silver. I already own a pair of the Diva earrings and I have my eye on the Hepburn earrings…Honey, are you reading this? You were wondering what to get me for Christmas!!!! Hint, Hint, Hint!

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Twisted Silver – Jewelry That Attracts Attention – Get Some for Free!

I recently received this gorgeous pair of Diva Earrings from Twisted Silver! Aren’t they pretty! See how they dangle? See the intricate detail? They are antique brass and weigh vitually nothing (.1 oz) and they are mine, mine….all mine!
It’s okay…sorry about that. I am all right now…really! It’s just been awhile since I have received such lovely jewelry and it kind of went to my head…but now I am fine. Really!
Have you heard about Twisted Silver? Twisted Silver is known as jewelry with an edge. Their pieces are original, eye-catching and guaranteed to attract attention when you wear them! Do you like the unusual? Do you appreciate a company that provides quality service as well as opportunities for you to win beautiful jewelry? Then you definitely want to check out Twisted Silver!
Let me show you a couple of other pieces.

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Crafty Giveaway – a Lovely Necklace

Suburose is offering a beautiful item for your wearing pleasure! And you can win it by visiting her website and leaving a comment. When I initially wrote this post, I credited Suburose with making this beautiful necklace. She was quick to point out that someone else had made it and offered it to her to giveaway. I missed this because I was scanning through posts this week due to the Fall Ya’ll Bloggy Giveaway…and I wasn’t reading carefully. So, I want you to know that the beautiful necklace you see below was made by Erin Elizabeth Jewelry
I almost hated to tell you about this giveaway, after all, the more people that know about it, the more my chances of winning go down. But I am hoping that my sharing this information will in fact be ‘good karma’ and it will increase my chances of winning! How’s that for rationalization!

Suburose definitely has a talent for this sort of thing! Good luck!