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Product Review: Jump Start World 1st Grade New for 2008! AND GIVEAWAY!!!

UPDATE: Kristen is the winner of this wonderful program! Sorry, I forgot to do the drawing yesterday! It was one of those days!
My children have been enjoying JumpStart programs for 7 years. They have learned math skills, geography skills, computer skills, reading skills and memory skills by playing Jump Start games since they were about 3 years old! And the best part is that they had fun while they did it! I always felt like Jump Start games were well created. The games were engaging as well as educational, the kids didn’t complete them in one sitting and the cost was reasonable.
I was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to check out the JumpStart World 1st Grade educational software. JumpStart has gone to a whole new level with this game! It is an interactive game and what you initially get are 2 adventure packs. This includes over 80 learning games and missions. Once your child has mastered these two adventure packs, then you can subscribe to the online site and get a new adventure pack every month. This means that as your child progresses, the challenges will increase and at a very reasonable rate! (either 7.99 a month or the remaining 10 packs at once for 64.99.) But, you may just want to play the two games included on the disk and if you do, that is also more than fine. However, I have a feeling that once we get through these two adventure packs, we are going to want to enjoy more experiences in JumpStart World.

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