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Jupiter News

In the best tradition of Star Trek, NASA used the gravity of Jupiter to help slingshot the New Horizons probe on its journey towards Pluto.
While slingshotting around Jupiter, New Horizons took photos and sent them back to scientists here on earth.

They saw lightning strikes at the poles (previously polar lightning has only been spotted on earth). Also, climate changes were evident from previous flybys (1979 and 2003). Meanwhile, the study led by Baines at JPL found that cloud cover on Jupiter has thinned significantly since the Cassini-Huygens probe made its flyby in 2000. That means climate on the gas giant varies over the long term, possibly seasonally. New Horizons also captured images of fresh ammonia clouds. Reuter’s team studied these images and found that storms that were bringing ammonia up from lower in the atmosphere.
Something on the planet is generating atmospheric waves like those that flow out from a disturbance on the surface of a pond, Reuter, of NASA’s Goddard Center, said. What’s causing the disturbance remains a mystery for now.
In other news, my husband broke the story today that someone is trying to send us a message from Io! Be sure to check out what he has discovered!