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Bloggers Care…

There are a lot of different types of blogs in the world. Some people write merely to see their thoughts in print. Others write so that their descendants will have a picture of them, their life and what was important to them. Some write so they can share their opinions and their knowledge. Some people simply write and don’t connect with others. But the blogs that I frequent are of the sort where people reach out to others. They freely share of their experiences, their tips, their love and their encouragement. To me this is one of the greatest features of the blogger world.
In the last three years of my blogging experience, I have seen people pray for people they don’t know beyond their words they have read. I have seen people get together and do everything from set up virtual baby showers for strangers to raising money to help pay for medical bills. I have read of bloggers leaving the comfort of their homes to head to foreign countries to share with the rest of us what is going on there. I have seen many, many times where moms are struggling with issues ranging from parenting to depression to career decisions and I have watched as others come forth and share what has worked for them.
Last week, Jen at My Three Boys and I was kind enough to give several of her readers two awards for their encouragement of her.

I wish to bestow these awards on all of my readers! You have encouraged me, taught me, shared with me, and made it a pleasure to blog on a regular basis. Thank you and may God Bless you for the joy and love you spread around the world with your words and kindnesses!

Monday’s Acts of Random Kindness

Inspired by the weekly contests at The Average Girl’s Guide to Being A Princess, I have decided to begin a regular post entitled Monday’s Act of Random Kindness. In it I will tell whatever random acts of kindness I manage to do, observe or receive during the week. I am hoping this will help me to be more aware of opportunities that I have to be kind to others. I also thought it would be a great way to start my week, and hopefully yours!
I would love to hear about your Random Acts of Kindess. Feel free to use Mr. Linky and share your own acts of Random Kindness that you have witnessed or instigated by posting on your blog, then putting your link below. Then I can come read your Acts of Random Kindness!

Last week my nephew was in the hospital. He is 16 and attends the school where a student died last Monday due to complications from MRSA. We were terrified that he had contracted this illness. Jonathan has been healthy throughout his school career and has only missed one day in 16 years until now. As we tried to gather information and as we sent out prayer requests, we received many notes of churches and people lifting our nephew up in prayer. People who didn’t know him or us sent well wishes.
Jonathan went home from the hospital and then we learned that he might have Marfan Syndrome…this sent us into another tailspin. Again, people reached out to us with comforting words, prayers, hope and knowledge. It warms my heart how people come together and offer support and love during difficult times. Thanks to each and everyone of you.

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