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Thinking a Little About Warmer Weather

Even though those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere are deeply in the grip of winter, that doesn’t mean we can’t think about the joys of spring and summer that are coming ahead. I love spring. I love to watch the buds open up and that special green of trees when their leaves first start to grow before it deepens into the dark green of summer. I enjoy sitting on our new patio furniture and watching the birds fly hither and yon as they build their nests and mate. We often do school work out on the deck at the picnic table when the weather begins to warm. The sunshine makes us all feel good, though it makes it hard to concentrate on school work sometimes! Then there are the nature walks as we watch the world come back to life around us and thoughts that turn toward the summer months and time spent in the pool. Sounds like a Country Time Lemonade commercial!

What’s Wrong With the Color?

We have a 1988 GMC Suburban. It is green and gold (the colors of my alma mater – William and Mary). Now, we are trying to sell it. We love our Suburban. We drove it to the beach in May (we had room for all kinds of stuff). We drove it to West Virginia last spring. With finances being tight as we wait for a new contract for Daniel to get finalized, we have been trying to sell the Suburban for the last couple of months.
We have owned it for 4 years. We have only put about 16,000 miles on it, but it has a total of 167,000 miles. Three of the tires are brand new. All the parts work. There is really not much rust for the age of the vehicle. It runs well and has had a transmission overhaul since we bought it. The guy who sold it to us said that he had put in a new engine. It has 4 wheel drive and a tow package.
We have only had maybe 6 people call in the last two months. The last few days we have had a couple of them call. And they both talked about how the mileage wasn’t a problem, that they just wanted to be sure it ran. I drove it to the flea market just last Saturday. It did great. But they look it and run screaming into the night (at least we feel that way). Apparently green and gold are colors that are just too hideous for them to consider!

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