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Remodeling – One Room At A Time

We have lived in our home for 14 years. It is a doublewide and was not the best constructed doublewide in the world. We have raised four children in this home and had their friends come to visit. After time and wear, things need replacing and I have a list. I want to replace our crummy windows, first off. They are double paned, but they are hard to get to go up and down, they don’t keep the cold in in the summer or out in the winter, and several of them are broken (they have these plastic things on springs that are supposed to help hold the windows in place when you raise them..they are broken on several windows). They are hard to clean because of the way they are constructed and most importantly, I worry about whether the kids could get out of their bedroom windows if they should have to in case of fire. I have told them to throw things through the windows and break the glass if necessary, but one always wonders…
After that, I would like to put down carpet in my den and dining room and living room. The areas are open to one another. We actually put in a wood floor in the dining and living room areas, but chairs sliding across it and hot wheels races have taken their toll on this parquet flooring. The carpet in the den hasn’t been replaced since we move in and we can now see the stuff underneath the carpet threads where it has become threadbare.

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