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Beware of Phishers

No, that is not a misspelling, nor is it someone who goes out and catches fish! A phisher is a person who tries to entice you to clicking on a button so they can get more information from you and eventually get money or some other thing from you.
Ever since I have started selling on eBay, I get bogus emails. Some looke like they came from eBay, some look like they came from Paypal. But all it takes is a bit of common sense on your part to know the difference.
For instance, today I got an phishing email from an eBay member. This member was telling me that they had paid me two weeks ago, that I had better respond or else they would be contacting eBay, paypal, and the police. Now, my first tip on this was that I hadn’t sold anything on eBay in the last few weeks, but let’s say I was doing a booming business on there….my next tip that this was bogus was the information I saw when I scrolled down…
Apparently, I had sold this person a small island in the South Pacific! Dang, if I had a small island in the South Pacific, I would be living on it, not selling it! It makes me shake my head sadly over these stupid things. I mean, if you really want to phish someone, why not take the time to find out what they sell so they might do a double take.

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