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Snowman Craft and Gravity

After we took down the Christmas decorations, my daugther commented on how bare the walls looked. I had taken down a few wall hangings to put up Christmas stuff and since I hope to get a cabinet to put in that spot sometime this year, I just left the wall hangings off. So of course, we needed to fill that spot. And since it is the middle of January and we have had a total of .5 inches of snow, we figured we best just make some of our own snowment. In case you would like some fun snowmen for your house, here’s what you will need.
White posterboard
Black construction paper
glitter glue
glue stick
First you make circles of three different sizes on the poster board. Make as many as you want to make snowmen. We made 9 snowmen, so we had 9 very big circles, 9 big circles and 9 small circles.
Then using the smallest circle we drew 9 hats on black construction paper. Basically a thin rectangle with a square on top.
Here’s what the pieces look like.

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